WCPL Program Coordinator

Nichole Midgett

Nichole started her library career in Washington County in May of 2016.  She was hired to be the Program Coordinator for our library and tries her best to bring interesting programs into Washington County. She enjoys reading most genres of books, except horror. Those give her the creeps. It’s hard to nail down her favorite book because she loves so many! However, if you were to ask her for her top 5 picks, she would say, Pride and Prejudice, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Educated, The Kite Runner, and A Man Called Ove.  She is an avid reader, knitter and lover of all things feline. Her go to show on TV is The Office. If you randomly give her one word, she can usually pick out a song to sing or quote to give. You can usually find her smiling when she’s at work. If she’s not smiling, just throw some chocolate at her.